Are You Running Your Accounting Practice Or Is Your Practice Running You?

You Running Your Practice               Your Practice Running You

You started your firm because you knew it was a better way to work. You were excited by the freedom of being your own boss, rather than getting stuck on a corporate desk. 

But, this freedom that drives you to build the firm of your dreams, comes as a double-edged sword. One edge points towards meeting the compliance and enhancing your client satisfaction, while the other demands effectively managing your practice.

In spite of best efforts, you, sometimes, feel ineffectual in achie
ving all your goals and making your firm reach the level you have dreamt of.

As a Practicing Chartered Accountant, it may sound familiar to you ?

If, YES, then it's high time that you should care about making a difference. Don’t panic! You need not put any special efforts for it. You can easily change everything by changing something you do daily.

To be clear, let’s get into the scenario of your present work day :-
  • Often you find yourself taking a lot more efforts in doing routine and repetitive tasks
  • You face regular appeals (as in daily, weekly etc) for instructions and assignments from staff and/or team members
  • Sometimes you find it difficult to provide all the to-dos for projects on a regular basis
  • Timely monitoring of work becomes more painful
  • New projects demand more time and attention

The point here is - you get so stuck to your routine, that you, sometimes, overlook opportunities popping up from emerging compliance and new regulations.To overcome all this -
"Just change your routine, as the secret of your success is found in your daily routine"
Just imagine - won’t it be great, if you get all your routine work done automatically, just the way you want it to be done. Everything will be taken care of and you will get plenty of time, to do something new. 

It’s possible and that too, very easily. All you have to do is adapt a nice practice management software to manage your work flow.

A practice management software dramatically reduces the amount of time usually taken to carry out many of the fundamental processes, that are routine and often repetitive but essential for your practice to run. 

However, choosing the right practice management software can be pretty daunting. In fact, if you don’t make the right choice, it becomes difficult to identify -
"Whether you are running your work or your work is running you"
You have to carefully look for a software that gives you all the tools to grow your practice. And your search gets over at Easycloudbooks.

Easycloudbooks helps you adapt to the change. This paperless practice management system enables you automatically manage - 
  •  Your workflow,
  •  Document management, 
  •  Contact management,
  •  Project assignments and its’ monitoring,
  •  Measuring staff performance,
  •  Online collaboration with clients, 
  • All communication log, 
  • Automated emails and SMS,
  •  Billing software,
  •  Online payment gateway,
  • Collection management, and much more.

It is fully cloud based, so there’s nothing to install and you can access your practice from anywhere anytime. 

Update yourself with Easycloudbooks - it saves a lot of extra efforts.

Try it because -
"Every Innovation Starts With The Decision To Try"

Join us for free webinar on why and how you can automate your practice  


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