Do You Know Where All Your Time Goes

The secret to success is efficiency and efficiency is all about making the most of the available resources, esp. the daily expiring resource - Time

As a practicing chartered accountant,  you set up all the possible facilities, resources and infrastructure in your office. Everyday, you and your team put in your best, in order to achieve the set objectives. But, in spite of all the sincere efforts, you often find something left out. And then comes the common reaction - Time passed quickly - but we'll definitely finish it tomorrow. Don't you feel - 

"Every Today ends with a commitment for Tomorrow"

Such situation is very common among those chartered accountants, who are engaged in individual practice and if you are one among them, then this article is definitely going to help you.

Actually, some of you are still following the traditional style of working, i.e., spending major part of your productive time in routine activities, such as - work assignments, planning and setting to-dos for the work, reviewing work done by staff, daily discussions with team to know the flow of work, clients' meetings etc. All these are essential but also very time consuming tasks. And you do all this - day in and day out. This is where you are wasting the most important  resource - your time.

Just think for a while, if you are routinely doing those things, that are of recurring nature and also process oriented, then why not automate such things? Why not have a system that works not only automatically but also timely and exactly as if done by you? Sounds worthy, isn't it?

But, if you still feel that you are using your time wisely, let's do a small test. Just think about all the activities you do in a single work-day and try to figure out what weighs more - routine jobs or non-routine activities. Well, your answer will help you decide - whether you should continue with the same conventional working style, as decades before or do you need to upgrade to the automated style of working, that can take your Practice to the next level?

Now if you choose to move on with the 2nd option, then an effective Practice Management Software is what you'll need.
Just be clear with all your requirements and then start looking for the software that can suit your practice. And, we bet -Easycloudbooks is exactly what you want.
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Easycloudbooks is a Practice Management Software that works great for solo practitioners, big 4s and anything in between. It is a simple to use, highly secure and very effective management tool that allows you and your team to get on with the work without wasting time and resources. It gives you all the tools to grow your business and automate tasks. Work can be assigned to staff automatically. Your staff need not wait for instructions to be given, to-dos and templates set by you direct their work. This system can do things faster then before.

Easycloudbooks understands very well that effective time management starts with being clear on exactly how much time you actually spend on your projects and tasks. It is a great way to track time. You can easily track how much time you and your team spend on a particular project. The moment you get a project and the moment you hand it back after completion, that in-between time is recorded. Is it within standard time or went beyond that - You can get all the details. It keeps track of everything so that you can analyze how you can manage your time more effectively.

In nutshell, Easycloudbooks manages everything that you used to do, so just imagine how much of your productive time is saved.

"Don't be busy; Just be productive"
Accelerate your workforce with Easycloudbooks