IT-Enable Your Practice In Minutes With Excel Import

Growing volume of clients, but you’re still not sure if you should invest into IT enabling your practice?

A sentiment we come across a lot, one of the first and most frequently expressed reactions: “I have thousands of clients. All that data is already fed into an excel sheet or another software that I use for filing taxes. I don’t have the time or patience to enter each client’s information into a system, one by one, all over again”. Well, we understand and agree, and we’ve ensured that you don’t have to. Introducing Bulk Import – using excel sheets. 

Easycloudbooks is excited to introduce contact, company and combined list import. So what does this mean for you? No more manually inputting your clients' contact information! This new feature update streamlines the process of importing your existing contacts into Easycloudbooks, allowing you to track them more efficiently than ever before.

Easily Import Contacts From Other Softwares
If you have contact and company data in another practice management software, tax preparation software, email or contact management system, you can now easily import it into Easycloudbooks in just a few simple steps.

All you need to do is download contact import template if you want to import just contacts data, companies import template if you want to import companies data and combined list template if you want to import companies and contacts simultaneously with linking of contacts to companies. 

Custom Fields
You can also import additional fields beyond the standard coloums in templates which will be imported as custom fields. If you are using companies list import or combined list import then those additional fields will be imported as companies custom fields and if you are using contacts list import template then additional fields will be imported as contacts custom fields. You can choose if you want to import names, addresses, driving licence numbers, and more, or just some of that information—what information you import is entirely up to you!

Update Contact Information
Additionally, if you update any contact information in other softwares that you use, you can re-import the contacts into Easycloudbooks, and Easycloudbooks will update the revised information for you. It is important to note here that easycloudbooks identifies unique contact from mobile number and unique company from PAN number (Tax Registration Number). 

Avoid Contact Duplication
The contacts list import feature will also prevent duplicate contacts from appearing in Easycloudbooks—helping you to maintain a clean contacts list. If you import a duplicate contact, Easycloudbooks will just update the information in the same record and eliminate any unnecessary, duplicate information. For example, if you import contacts from both an email system and a practice management software, and Easycloudbooks finds that two contacts have the same PAN (Tax Registration Number), one named “Vinod Pahilwani” and one named “Vinod Narendrakumar Pahilwani,” it will then merge the information in a single record and will not create duplicate record. 

By using Easycloudbooks's new contacts, companies and compiled  list import feature, you no longer have to worry about digging through inaccurate or outdated contact information—you'll have an up-to-date, clean contact list all the time.

Go for free trial at Easycloudbooks and Setup your Accounting Practice, Tax Practice, CPA Practice OR Company Secretary Practice. 


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