Want To Know How You Can Automate 90 Percent of Your Recurring Jobs

In Accounting Practice, Tax Practice, Company Law Practice or CPA Practice, highly repeatable processes are followed for several thousands of clients, often on a recurring basis. The bigger your workload gets, the more intrusive and difficult it becomes for a traditional task management system to handle it. This is the problem Easycloudbooks solves. 

Easycloudbooks is not a traditional project management software. The biggest difference between Easycloudbooks and other project management softwares is that Easycloudbooks excels at recurrence automation and it scales well at that. To elaborate upon this, we’re going to use an example specific to A Taxation Practice Firm, although the concept is relevant to most Service oriented industries or businesses.

Let’s take the case of a fictional Tax Practice Firm called ABC Accountants LLP. It offers GST Return  filing as a service in its portfolio, which needs to be filed monthly, i.e. twelve times in a financial year. ABC wishes to track pending work systematically and so it starts using Easycloudbooks. It creates one Service called GST Return, defines it as recurring monthly.

Now, let’s say  ABC Accountants LLP offers this service to Ten Companies (clients). All ABC Accountants LLP has to do, is add or import these 10 Companies names into Easycloudbooks, and tick the existing GST Return Service against them individually or selecting multiple companies at a time – 

"A simple visual way for creating Client / Service relationships".

This results in repetitive tasks being automatically generated, work being automatically assigned to staff based on pre-configured rules and reminders being automatically sent to Contacts involved.

Now extrapolate this example and think of a real world mid-sized Accounting firm, which offers multiple recurring Services to thousands of Clients. Can you imagine the workload of that Accounting firm and how effectively and easily they can manage it using Easycloudbooks. You can save a lot of your time by automating your workflow for recurring jobs which you can utilise for expanding in other areas. 

"Lets Automate, Lets Innovate"

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