3 Top Virtues of Office Automation

A recent survey among practicing professionals has shown how they spend their time - morning assignments, evening reviews, and setting & following daily goals - This happens in their working day daily. 

The survey revealed that these busy professionals are losing a major part of their productive time in such routine tasks, that is, no doubt, essential but also very time-consuming. Let’s see what they say :

·        Some said that they were looking for an advanced practice management system to automate their routine work. So, Instead of daily playing question-answers round with staff, they can focus on many other things that demand their attention.

·        A few of them expressed their need for a system that can always - keep them informed about the ongoing projects, automatically detect pending projects & it's reasons, gain real-time visibility into projects cost and revenue,  i.e., they wanted to get a crystal clear view of the workflow without any interrogations or maintaining any excel sheets.

·        While some others had the problem to always be in the office to ensure continuous and smooth flow of work. They had to be available to give instructions and timely monitor the work of staff to avoid any interruptions or delays, which sometimes is very painful as they had to skip other activities and organize the work into a staff-friendly format. They needed a system to mitigate the problems associated with employees performance & optimize their productivity etc.

In the final analysis, all these professionals highly demanded an effective and efficient practice management system that can automatically take care of their work just as they do. They all were looking for new ways that can automatically streamline their workflow and their search ended at Easycloudbooks. 

Easycloudbooks is :

·        A system that not only shows the status of the project - i.e., ongoing, on hold, completed, etc; but also exactly figures out missed projects. 
·        A practice management software that automatically measures staff performance and pinpoints leakages or revenue loss, if any. 
·        A Knowledge Base solution that makes easy the process of work assignment, provides in-built to-dos, instant query solving, simple-to-use tools i.e., a proactive working pattern for employees with an assurance of no work stuck. 

This advanced system not only acts as the key to all practice management issues but also provides various gadgets that present the required data in the required form. The dashboard reflects all the essentials: 
                                                 Staff-wise, etc.

That means - “Anything that’s the demand of time is automatically highlighted”

Its graphical presentation makes things more than easier. Moreover, Scheduler in Easycloudbooks fully assures that all the current and future projects can never be missed out. It eliminates the task of remembering due dates and also minimizes follow-ups either to staff or to clients. Not only this, Easycloudbooks has much more in it. This automated paperless software has successfully proved that - 

“A Few Smart Changes Can Improve Everything”

"Work Smart - Work Better - Work Paperless"