My Dashboard Shows My Complete Office - CA Vinod Pahilwani

PGRT & Associates, a firm of chartered accountants, in Gujarat, India, switched to a new practice management software, i.e., Easycloudbooks. Here’s the reason - why it quit the traditional style of working and made a move to an upgraded system of working:-

“Our firm is valued for offering a wide range of business management and financial services, and so, we have to deal with a lot of projects, each spanning over a different period of time. Each project has to be priced differently and we were facing a significant number of difficulties processing invoices and keeping track of paying dues or advances,” said Vinod Pahilwani (Partner at PGRT & Associates)

“No doubt,  the accounting software that we used gave the facility for raising bills and maintaining collection details but in-depth information of all the projects completed, bills raised and collected was not automatically available. Any detail needed was to be manually searched for,” he said.

He further added,” We have some clients who pay upfront for the entire bill, some who partly pay before the service & partly afterward, and some others who like to pay only after the completion of the project. So, all we did was, constantly looking into the records to track payment arrears and were regularly reminding clients for their balances. It was an arduous task.”

So, the partners decided to go for a system that could ease their work. They started researching various options and finally resolved at moving to a cloud-based system, wherein getting data instantly and working from anywhere was more than simple, and also easy to manage if your practice has grown to multiple locations.

“Finally, we switched on to Easycloudbooks and all we have to do now is just to click on the client’s name to get the complete history of his work done, the bill raised and collected. Not only this we get graphs of all the revenue records - project-wise, client-wise, service-wise, period-wise and also employee-wise - all automatically at our dashboard. Any detail needed is now available at our fingertips,” said Vinod.

Easycloudbooks gives a complete insight into all the firm’s work status. Managing arrears and advances have now become effortless. Clients are automatically intimated about their project completion, hence no follow-up is to be done. Not only this no missed work is out of our sight,” he said.

 “It’s even better than we thought. Things have become more than easier.”