A Must-Have Billing & Collection Software For Professionals

Are you getting tangled in collections and billing?
Is it difficult for you to keep an eye on unbilled jobs, timely dispatching of invoices, disputed billings, 
uncollected invoices? If YES, then you can definitely profit from an: 

Automated Billing and Collection Management Software
It not only lowers your costs but also improves your collections processes.

What is an automated billing and collection software?
This software is a must-have solution for every Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, CPA 
and all those professionals, who are seeking to create their practice more effective. 
It provides all kinds of administrative help in controlling your stress in billing. 
It handles your whole billing process -  tracks unbilled projects,
timely creation of bills,
timely emailing of bills to clients,
tracking disputed bills,
timely confirmation of account balances to clients,
day-to-day status of billed - unbilled projects.
The point is -  
Every minute detail of your billing system is visible to you,
Whether you’re in the office, working remotely or out visiting clients

What are the benefits of automated billing and collection management software?
It is a highly effective system for processing billing and doing the collection. 
It basically saves you valuable time by automating recurring bills, for recurring services
that you offer to clients. Comprehensive reporting helps you adjust your billing practices 
and boost cash flow.

How does automated billing service work? 
As a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary or CPA, most of the services that you offer to 
clients are of recurring nature.
1. So for recurring services you need to provide a default rate for each service which you can 
change for a particular client if you offer them services at different rates.

2. Further, you need to provide a schedule on which billing will be automatically done and 
email will get triggered to clients.

3. Clients will have the facility to make payment online with the click of the button. 
Your staff will also be able to make a payment entry.

4. You will always be able to see unbilled projects all the time which may be because 
you have not set the automated flow for the same or its non-recurring service. 
In that case,  you can do billing manually.

5. In many cases when the billing is debatable, then your payment collection staff will add 
an appropriate tag and then it is the responsibility of your support staff to resolve and reissue bill.

What else do I need to know before buying automated billing and collection software?  
Well, you should consider integrated software which provides :

1. Self-service portal for clients so that clients can log in and see status report of their jobs 
and see their account details.

2. Automated job allocation software to team members for recurring services offered to clients.

3. The facility of an online document management system for collaborative working.

4. The facility of job templates and the use of make checker for Quality control of jobs.

At Easycloudbooks, we’ve thoroughly considered all the above features. We understand very well
that successful management is the sum of the right tools, the right people and the right system; 
all together at the right time. So we’ve developed a cloud-based practice management software 
for CA, CS, CPA, and Lawyers. 
This software helps them work paperless and automate & manage practice on the cloud. It’s -  
One solution for all the things you manage

Easycloudbooks makes it easy for you to get everything right on time, every time. 
That’s why firms choose us, stay with us and succeed with us. 
Gone are the days when you had to chase your clients Adapt to the new system and 
just see things happen on their own


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